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For Jet, Krillin, Aquaman, and Leslie. Comment here if you want threads with my characters for the soiree or mistletoe and I will get back sometime after this weekend, because Real Life is happening at the moment.
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So between lj DOING A THING and job stuff and all sorts of moving, I am calling hiatus. Which I've been on pretty much all this month due to finals and short-handed retail during the holidays. SO YEAH hiatus for Jet/Nepeta/Krillin/Aquaman!
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Tomorrow I'm going on a family vacation until Sunday and I'm not sure what the internet will be like, so HIATUS for Jet, Nepeta, Krillin and Aquaman.
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Yeah, okay, CONTINUING THREADS FOR FOURTH WALL ANTICS! OR NEW ONES! Link to the previous thread or put who want in the subject line!



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[oh god, we have to continue our vacation porn post]
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[deep thoughts with Jet, as discussed with puppies]
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Thanks to [ profile] zidane for finding that article with KORRA'S FACE and also, KORRA'S MUSCLES. OH YES.

In Hunger Games-related news, has found that the media this time has noticed the problematic casting language, some with references to The Last Airbender, Prince of Persia and even the whitewashed Earthsea miniseries.
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Racist casting call for a movie based on the Hunger Games novels, which star characters canonically described as "olive-skinned with black hair and grey eyes". Casting call? CAUCASIAN. Side note rage: casting call includes "naturally pretty underneath her tomboyishness". Because, you know, being a "tomboy" means you aren't pretty, and being pretty is all that matters.
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Awesome news: Dark Horse will be releasing ATLA comics that were meant for the now defunct Nick mag and never got to be published.

Best news: ATLA creators Bryan and Mike will be collaborating with Dark Horse to make a graphic novel series exploring the Gaang's adventures in rebuilding the world.

LINK and thanks a whole lot to [ profile] ali_wildgoose for pointing this out.
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Doing some signal boosting. Premise for an awesome sounding show by Ariel Rivas about MesoAmerican/American Indian-inspired cultures (IN SPACE).

You can read this and other proposals and vote here.
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Nepeta Leijon is doing the speciesswitch with the rest of the Homestuck cast!
Nepeta is Equius' less-well-off younger cousin who lives with him because her mom is off travelling the world and occasionally sends her bear paws and shark fins and stuff. Pounce de Leon is her big (wild?!) kitty. She lives in some attic room in Equius' house and paints on the walls. He also made her join the wrestling team because it'd look good on her transcript and she brings home the jockstraps/sports bras of those she defeats as trophies. She wears her own homemade cat ears and tail around all the time because Nepeta is a total furry, but only cutesy stuff. She probably draws a lot of Pokemon fanart when she's not being a cat on the internet.

Jet is from an AU where his village was never burnt down and destroyed and is on the outskirts of some colonies, so Fire Nation troops occasionally come through. In turn, Jet never became angry and bitter and all out nuts. Instead, Jet is now a nice, easy-going guy who practically idolizes his tough butcher mom and whose feelings towards the Fire Nation are mostly "some of their soldiers are real dicks, I wish they'd stop coming in and taking our stuff :/".
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[What a nice little room you're in! It's like a fancy hotel room or a really really small studio apartment. On the bed is a note:

Enjoy your honeymoon! ♥ Ignore any cameras you may see.

Wow, they make baskets of lube?]

Is this one of the house rooms?
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Man, school/finals + new job + holidays burnt me out for a while there. RETROACTIVE HIATUS and definite hiatus for this weekend, as I will be OUT IN A YURT ON THE COAST. /o/
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Give me a character I play and a kink and I'll tell you what that character thinks of it.

I play Jet and SQUALOOOOOO. I used to play Jennifer Shibuya, Dan Hiri Weller, Mr Gibbs, Catherine Bloom and Francesca Vecchio.
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