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Name:Jet (杰特)
Birthdate:Oct 2
My freedom fighters and I have come to liberate your family. Your sisters, of course, will be first.

((Character journal of Jet for [community profile] cfud, as played by [personal profile] robowolf. Player and contact info is here.))

Interests (150):

!!1!, aang, abusing font sizes, appa, asymmetrical armour, batman moments, beating on the elderly, being "that one thing", being a lovebending master, being a rebel, being a smooth bastard, being infamously bisexual, bold-fonting my eyebrows, bonding over dead parents, boys out of uniform, bringing down azula, bringing down the director, bucking against authority, causing trouble, chortling at ozai's boner, chuck, cockblocking your hits, completely justified paranoia, crushing oppressive totalitarian regimes, damn you ty lee!!1!, darc, defeating armies, definitely not lake laogai, definitely not lovegoo, destroying the fire nation, dick dick dickity dickdick, douchenozzling, earth kingdom, epic tree houses, erotically-charged homosocialism, evil world-saving plans, ewok village, fighting in tea shops, fighting the power, fire nation!!1!, flirting, for freedoooooooooom!, freedom fighting, girls out of uniform, giving katara rides, grass in my mouth, hatin' and blamin', hating ty lee, having like...+20 charisma points, having rage issues, hickish oral fixations, hideouts in the trees, hitting on mary sues, homnomnom zuko, hook swords, hot outcast-on-outcast action, i can respect that, ignoring smellerbee's sensible advice, it's not a tan, it's not stalking!, katara, katara healing me, katara icing me kinda, katara's hair loopies, katara's handmade hat-things, knowing what you're up to, liberating camp, liberating your sexy sisters, liberating your tonsils, liberation at any costs, longshot, magical sparkly mary-sues, making inspirational speeches, making out on sokka's bed, mocking sokka, most definitely not azula, my dead parents baaaaaw, my destroyed village baaaaaw, my freedom fighters, my parents!!1!, nipple equality, not "thought reform", not azula's minions, not being bound and gagged, not being brainwashed, not being controlled, not camp's squirrels, not getting fooled again, not imperialism, not ozai's angels, not pissing off katara, not sensory deprivation, not sleep deprivation, not that fucking lamp, not the dai li, not the director, not the fire nation, not trusting anyone over 21, not unicorns, notanstdbender!!1!, o katara u tho manly, obeying the melon lord, pipsqueak, questioning authority, really homosexual whittling activities, rebelling with a cause, recruiting, remembering the war exists, respecting longshot's silent opinions, romance in sepia tone, sabotaging the fire nation, scaranaika?, scars, second chances, seeing what you did there, smellerbee, smellershot, sneers, sokka, sticking it to the man, surprise motherfucker!, taking down the director, the boss, the duke, the ends justifying the means, things sokka doesn't ship, thinking for myself, this. is. a. foreeeeeest!, tonguebending zuko, toph, touching your homosexual tendencies, traditional earth kingdom tales, tsundere types, understanding longshot, ust with scarred strangers, very focused single-minded investigation, very focused single-minded protection, wai wai zuko-chan, watching you firebend, what-am-i-supposed-to-do-with-this-cock, you smell purdy, yuta, zuko, zuko in an apron, zuko's face scar, zuko's hilarious sex noises, zuko's secret tunnel, zuko's sister sucks, zuko's sister's minions suck, zuko: the sexception
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