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I'd like to share some numbers, as provided by Box Office Mojo.

First, this was the state of TLA about two weeks ago:

Domestic gross: $123,264,000
Foreign gross: $27,300,000
Total gross: $150,564,000
Production cost: $150,000,000
Total cost: $280,000,000 (plus a possible $10-15,000,000 if the cost of the last minute 3D isn't taken into account)

The current state of TLA, having been open for over a month, and then compared to four other summer movies, as typed up by my regular journal ([ profile] robowolf):

Domestic gross: $128,951,000
Foreign gross: $53,000,000
Total gross: $181,951,000
Production budget: $150,000,000
Total budget: $280,000,000

This isn't the huge flopcrash we'd like but since the movie industry apparently only looks at the domestic gross for these things, TLA is looking more and more and more like a huge financial loss. It's taken them two weeks to gain just $7 million in the domestic market and it took them over two weeks just to gain back their domestic gross...and only by scraping by in the international market, where it is not being received nearly as well as Jackson Rathbone claims it is (warning for a HUGE DOUCHEMONKEY).

Thanks to [ profile] wtf_tla for these links and info.
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Asian-American comic book superhero, Tommy Zhou aka "The Weapon", set to be played by a white guy.

I heard about this last year and it doesn't seem like the movie's picked up any steam so right now the racebending staff's kind of waiting and seeing what comes of it, but I felt this needed to be known about, even if nothing's come of it.

Although it should be noted that last year, both the racebending staff and MANAA talked with Platinum Studios about this and their response was less than polite, "with Platinum Studios's rep flat out admitting they knew and anticipated that the Asian American community would be upset with this casting, but decided to go ahead with it anyway" (from the post). We'll see what comes of this.
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Associated Press
Wall Street Journal
Official Press Release
racebending post where we are all REALLY SUPER EXCITED
WSJ interviews Mike and Bryan (aka Bryke)

It's going to take place about 70 years after the events of ATLA, it's going to star a hot-headed Southern Water Tribe girl (YEEEEEES) and there is going to be steampunk.

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Shyamalan continues to be classy. So classy, in fact, that the following links come with precautionary trigger warnings for mention of and comments about suicide. Yeah.

[ profile] racebending's post.
[ profile] wtf_tla's post.
Here's the youtube clip by itself.

EDIT: for those of you who can't or really don't want to see the clip (like myself), here's the exchange under an lj cut and whited out font for potential triggers. There's some transcripts here as well (again, trigger warning, not just for the transcript but also for other comments in the post overall).

How Not To Be a Decent Person )
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It's been over a week since TLA opened, and it's not doing all that well with critics (8% on Rotten Tomatoes) or fans. I've been collecting links so I could do one big post instead of constantly updating and editing and overall flooding the network.

To start off with,'s page on how journalists and critics have taken to TLA

Fancasting for the Water Tribe with Native actors, because a) I like these choices and b) to show that yes, you can get good Native/Indigenous actors, Hollywood; in fact, you can get experienced ones if you so wish. There is no dearth of actors of any kind. Also, Bronson Pelletier? Adorable. He looks like the perfect Sokka!

More articles on TLA that mention the racebending:
more NPR (with bonus Glee talk re: able-bodied actor playing character in a wheelchair)
Some more NPR on the whiteness of this summer's movies
Vanity Fair
The Boston Globe
Dante Basco, voice of Zuko and Filipino-American actor, weighs in

Here are articles discussing not only the racism of TLA movie but also the history of whitewashing, facepainting and other forms of racism in Hollywood, how the nature of racism plays out in many myriad ways, and how all this affects everyone, especially the children who see it all.
Also known as "no, M. Night Shyamalan is not all to blame for this racist mess".
Floating World's "FacePainting", a really, really amazing article.
MSN's "Infamous Moments in Racebending"
Aspire NY's "The Racial Politics of M. Night Shyamalan's TLA"
TLA: Who Is To Blame? by [ profile] glockgal at [ profile] racebending, also a terrific read (and with a very handy image).
"Tinkerbell's Amazing Ethnic Friends" by [ profile] jedifreac at [ profile] racebending; it's a look at how systemic racism in the movies do, in fact, affect children today, and takes a look at Disney franchise Tinkerbell and her multicultural Five Girl Band.

Quotes and Interviews from M. Night Shyamalan:
Racialicious's "M. Night vs the Internet: The Airbender Mash-up" (note: this is not an interview, it's essentially a comparison of quotes from Shyamalan to quotes from people who have spoken out against the casting)
"Paramount and Shayamalan Readying 'Airbender' Sequel? (comm post here)
NY Mag's "Vulture Breaks the News to M. Night Shyamalan About TLA's Reviews"
Rediff's "Why Shyamalan Thinks His Movies Are Doomed" (comm post here)

Finally, [ profile] racebending has some discussions on TLA and box office money here and here.

If you need a film to see this summer, please, go see Toy Story 3, Despicable Me, The Kung-Fu Kid (may be called The Karate Kid where you are, like in America or Canada). These are all excellent, quality movies that deserve your money and your attention much, much more than The Last Airbender.
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So much news, I just don't know where to begin. Okay, so tomorrow, July 1, TLA opens in America (and Canada?). If you're in Seattle or LA, there will be protests - details on the facebook events page, or you can contact for details. I unfortunately can't make it to a protest, but if any of you guys can make it to one, that'd be awesome.

Many of the following links provided here will contain spoilers for TLA movie, if that concerns you.

First, Paramount allowed MANAA, JACL and the team at Racebending to view the film early; you can see their reviews all linked here (so many thanks to [ profile] socchan for putting these in one place!) along with some clips from the movie. I'd like to particularly point out Ebert's review, since he's been a vocal opponent of the racist casting of the movie for a long while. The racebending site also has a page up about the differences between the show and the movie (other than, you know, RACE).

In addition to the racefail of the movie, there is considerable genderfail. Shocking, I know!

Shyamalan continues to take questions on TLA and respond to them; a nice quote in particular is "Every nationality is represented with the exception of blond people. They can be upset, because I didn't actually put them in the movie." Yes, he actually compared racist casting to not having blond people in this movie. The [ profile] racebending posts on these are here and here, respectively. EDIT: Oh, Shyamalan, you just don't know when to stop, do you?

Another big thing: original creators of ATLA, Mike and Bryan, signed a copy of the artbook for one lucky supporter. They reportedly refused to sign any film-related merchandise.

Finally, one last bit of related news: an article on the whitewashing of the recent Cleopatra movie.

As usual, all my love and thanks to the [ profile] racebending comm and site.
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On some really weak internet, so it'll be quick: Shyamalan responds to the casting controversy and defends his actions.

If you want to respond (and I highly encourage you all to do so), I suggest reading the comm's post first - basically, be polite, don't attack Shyamalan, don't respond to the pro-casters. Shyamalan's trying to make it personal, but it's more than just him: this is a Paramount thing, a Hollywood thing, a society thing, and it needs to change.

EDIT: the post is locked (although if you join the comm, you can see it), but here's the basic gist of it as [ profile] whosdamike put it: By reading the interview and clicking this link, I agree to only comment if I can stay reasonable and calm. I agree NOT to attack, mock, patronize, or insult M. Night in my response. (Thanks, Mike!)
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TIME wants some fan questions for M. Night Shyamalan about The Last Airbender. Everyone should go leave a comment asking why this film has been whitewashed! [ profile] racebending has some good ideas for how to best word your question.
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An incredibly moving piece from [ profile] ssj10 on how The Last Airbender movie is personally affecting and hurting people with their racism.
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[ profile] pie_or_death also sent me this CNN article about recent whitewashing in movies, which includes white, white Angelina Jolie cast as Cleopatra in an upcoming know, the Egyptian queen of Mediterranean descent who science has determined had an African mother. Totally white!

Of course, that's not the only problem with this movie; as pointed out very well in this thread in the racebending comm, the few movies that are made about historical women are almost always about their love lives, and Cleopatra is practically synonymous with "hot sexaholic". I personally wouldn't expect anything of much substance from this movie, regardless of the racebending associated with casting the very white Jolie as the very not-white Cleopatra.

In other, more active news: take charge and email people about the racism in the casting of The Last Airbender! We've got two weeks before the movie opens (July 1st in the US, they moved it up a day). I'll post the email I write to this journal later.

As usual, all my love and thanks to the [ profile] racebending comm and the site; they're the ones doing all the work, I'm just repeating the message.
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Ask me questions on any of my characters, past or present, and I will ramble on about them. It can be canon, headcanon, how they're played here, how fandom sees them, anything.

I think I'm stealing this from Soubi or maybe Ritsuka, but it's been a few weeks and I don't remember. It's...made in Canada?
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SORRY FOR THE SUDDEN DISAPPEARANCE, GUYS, it was a terrible collision of FAMILY + EVENTS + SICKNESS. Worst summer vacation ever and it ends this week. I may be gone more this summer because I'll have classes and I may be getting a job, if I'm lucky. SO YEAH.
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"Why is Spiderman White?" It's a damn good article, go read it. It's also been mentioned on here.

Also, if you were planning on it, please don't go see Sex and the City 2. It's offensive as all hell.
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The LA Times blog wrote an article about the racebending in both The Last Airbender and Prince of Persia. It's a pretty good article, so if you'd like to leave a nice comment thanking them, that'd be awesome!

In other news: Saban is making a new Power Rangers series and releases a casting call; the red ranger must be white.

Finally, if you're a member of the [ profile] racebending comm (and if you're not, go join it!), go take a laugh at these pics from the film and merchandising for the movie. It's just so terrible. "Take me to the spiritual place!" --white!Aang
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-maybe identifies with the Director a little more, not that this affects his opinions on how she needs to go down
-has had some of his CRAZY CONSPIRACY THEORIES totally fucking validated
-on that note, he totally thinks the Loudspeaker shot the Director because she was JUST TOO CRAZY! but she regenerated
-this totally isn't because he's identifying with her insane need for revenge or anything, really
-needs to make sure people are okay before collapsing into about three days' worth of sleep
-is gonna show some of you kids how to milk a cow later

-IS ANGRY WITH THE DIRECTOR. SO VERY ANGRY. people and their memories are not expendable!
-a little less pacifistic right now
-will be knitting scarves as a way to vent, because she's still sick and can't make soup for people
-will possibly be practising her knife-throwing when she gets better

-feels he owes the people he attacked UNHONOURABLY
-although if you were an awesome fight, you're now also on his "TO FIGHT" list
-if we did not have a fight thread there but you'd like to say Squalo attacked your character, poke me and we'll figure a thing out (mostly because now you can be the recipient of Squalo's HONOOOOUR)

Squalo's fight list:
-Gokudera + Yamamoto
-possibly Mojo Jojo

-caught a few sniffles and prescribed herself immediate bedrest
-also prescribed herself some immediate Fraser, but he escaped before she could swoon into his big, manly arms


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