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Jet (杰特) ([personal profile] iseeyouflaming) wrote2011-02-28 10:16 am
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Hunger Games movie

Racist casting call for a movie based on the Hunger Games novels, which star characters canonically described as "olive-skinned with black hair and grey eyes". Casting call? CAUCASIAN. Side note rage: casting call includes "naturally pretty underneath her tomboyishness". Because, you know, being a "tomboy" means you aren't pretty, and being pretty is all that matters.

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To go one further, fuck the word/concept of "tomboy."

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I'm just crossing my fingers that Hailee Steinfeld or Malese Jow (who would have made fantastic Azulas) are going to be cast. Girls are BAMF.

I will be deeply upset if they mess up Rue though.

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I really want Hailee Steinfeld to get it, she would be PERFECT. Vanya and I were talking last night about how the dress she wore at the Oscars was basically the kind of thing Cinna dresses Katniss in for the victory tour, lol.

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Also WTF at "underfed." Like Hollywood girls need any more encouragement to appear starved.

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I am full of sad. :(
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It's like that whole Earthsea thing all over again . . .
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But Kristin Kreuk is mixed race! THAT MAKES IT ALL RIGHT!