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Awesome news: Dark Horse will be releasing ATLA comics that were meant for the now defunct Nick mag and never got to be published.

Best news: ATLA creators Bryan and Mike will be collaborating with Dark Horse to make a graphic novel series exploring the Gaang's adventures in rebuilding the world.

LINK and thanks a whole lot to [ profile] ali_wildgoose for pointing this out.

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this is excite

Has there been any news about the next animated series? I don't really stalk whatever corners of the internet that keep up with animation news :x

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random confirmed stuff I heard (not sure how much you've kept up with):

- set 75 years in the future
- going to have a Shanghai roaring 20's feel
- Track Team and Sifu Kisu are back to help
- Andrea Romano says the older generation is dead but...not sure how to take that
- Dante Basco is voicing someone with ties to Zuko
- Dee Bradley Baker is back and doing human characters too
- Rob Paulsen is on the cast (Yakko Warner)
- there is an episode called Skeletons in the Closet
- Eva Marie-Saint is acting in it!!1! (part of me hopes it will be elderly!Toph but maybe another mentor character)

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Hey, hey, maaaaaaaaaybe the episode called "Skeletons in the Closet" is about Dante Basco's character who is the descendant of Katara and Zuko's illegitmate love child

heard it here first

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One unconfirmed rumor on the Nickelodeon site was that Azula's descendants would be the antagonists of this series, fueled by speculation that Dante Basco was voicing his grand-nephew or something

...I spent hours just shaking my head going "THERE IS NO WAY SHE BREEDS. NO WAY IN HELL"

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Well if Korra is supposed to be, like, Steampunk Shanghai Batman, then I suppose a Batman Beyond-esque plot works ... ?

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I'm not going to lie, I would feel more trolled if I found out Azula had kids that also grew up to be evil, than if they had a Zutara baby

Mostly I just want Korra versus Giant Robots. COME ON BRYKE, GIVE ME MY DREAMS

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...okay, yeah. If the illegitimate Zutara baby and Azula spawn team up to be bad guys I will still feel trolled but I will somehow REALLY ENJOY IT

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Then I predict a whole fuckton of Utena-level incest shenanigan shippings for those double cousins

Hell, I would contribute. Only time I write Zutara-related things ever

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See now I'm picturing Toph's descendant as some sort of master metal bender who bends mechs

and it's beautiful
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BESTEST NEWS: The first one will be available for Free Comic Book Day

I want an Azula story ._________________.

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YES there is a website for it ( that gives you lists of participating stores. You go to the store and just ask for it, no purchase necessary, although different stores have different procedures. For example, one gives you a collection of three free ones you can pick, some only let you take one, and some are very giving if you are a regular customer *cough*awyeahme*cough*

I personally recommend making a day of it and going to a few since they often give out other freebies like Green Lantern rings, raffle prizes, and one of my locals gives out free cupcakes. :|b

Yeah the Mai stuff is likely, Ty Lee with the Kyoshi Warriors is a long shot but plausible, Azula anything exists in my magical happy imagination but I want it so bad ;;

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