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Nepeta Leijon is doing the speciesswitch with the rest of the Homestuck cast!
Nepeta is Equius' less-well-off younger cousin who lives with him because her mom is off travelling the world and occasionally sends her bear paws and shark fins and stuff. Pounce de Leon is her big (wild?!) kitty. She lives in some attic room in Equius' house and paints on the walls. He also made her join the wrestling team because it'd look good on her transcript and she brings home the jockstraps/sports bras of those she defeats as trophies. She wears her own homemade cat ears and tail around all the time because Nepeta is a total furry, but only cutesy stuff. She probably draws a lot of Pokemon fanart when she's not being a cat on the internet.

Jet is from an AU where his village was never burnt down and destroyed and is on the outskirts of some colonies, so Fire Nation troops occasionally come through. In turn, Jet never became angry and bitter and all out nuts. Instead, Jet is now a nice, easy-going guy who practically idolizes his tough butcher mom and whose feelings towards the Fire Nation are mostly "some of their soldiers are real dicks, I wish they'd stop coming in and taking our stuff :/".

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